The need for tips for novice teachers in managing the class increases because some of the students of the present generation have evolved to become unruly and even bullies. As not all students are good (for example not producing homework), teachers do not always have good days. This often causes them not to maximize their efficiency in the learning process. Below are tips for novice teachers.

Aside from your brain, as a teacher, one of your assets is your voice. Teaching in a normal voice is very important for teachers. Its not a good thing to shout to your students with above normal range. You probably dont want to get absent one day because you dont have the voice anymore. In getting attention o the students, shouting is not the best thing to do. You will only waste your voice and it might because you stress. Since students are sponges, they soak everything from the teacher; do not teach them shouting voice. If you are declaring something to the students, use matter-of-fact tone. Use inviting and conversational tone when you are asking.

You should learn to fight with the temptation of talking if its not necessary. Though talking is one of the skills that teachers should have, the idea is not applicable at all times. Sometimes the best way to deal with your students is speaking through the eyes. One of the tips for novice teachers is to use the power of the eyes in controlling your students. Give your students the fiery eyes and youll have their mouths zipped.

Do not rely solely on verbal communications. It is very important to use your hand and other parts of the body in the teaching process. You can make hand signals such as holding your one hand in the air which indicates that they have to keep quiet. In this way you will not only get their attention but you will also spare your voice. Though there are some students who might not take the signals, they will eventually cope with the routine. You can flicker the lights on and off to indicate that they only have one minute left on their activities.

Dealing with misdemeanors wisely is also one of the great tips for novice teachers. As a teacher, you should deal with their behaviors quickly in positive approach. Instead of asking why are you noisy? to student who keeps on keeps and talking, you can say You might have a question. When you deal with students having conflict with the other, talk with them during lunch.

Provide engaging activities for the students, Perhaps introducing a new person into the classroom, for example a history expert. It is very important to have a well-designed lesson throughout the day. It will not only arouse the interest of your students but it will make you gain much respect from them.
As a novice teacher, its not a good thing to see your students laughing at you when they see your hands trembling. Before entering the classroom, consider the above tips for novice teachers.