Consider Drum Lessons For Your Child

If you have a child, you may have already wondered if learning a musical instrument would be helpful for his or her growth. Simply put, the answer to that is definitely yes. Apart from having a hobby to do and gaining a new skill, learning how to play musical instruments can have many more positive contributions for your child. Once youre sure that you want your child to learn to play and master a musical instrument, the next (and maybe hardest) decision you have to make is: Which instrument should he or she learn?

Of course, some children would have their own choices or opinions, but as the parent, you may have more control over that decision. If you want your child to learn an instrument that is unique and could potentially help with his or her excess energy, you should definitely check out drums.

Drums are not a usual first choice for children because it is not as popular as guitars or the piano. Some think that playing the drums is too simple to have any effect on their childs development or intelligence.

However, this is not the case. Playing the drums can give just as much benefit and improvement to your childs overall growth. You should check out this article if you want to know why learning the drums is beneficial for your childs development.

Most parents want their children to learn to play a musical instrument. This may be because there are many scientific studies that mention learning a complex skill, such as playing musical instruments, can help raise their childs IQ and even wire the childs brain better.

This is also why parents want to start music lessons as young as possible. If you choose an instrument like piano or guitar, your child must be at least 6 years old because those instruments require a certain amount of finger dexterity. Drums, on the other hand, can be properly played by children as young as 3!

For young children, banging on the drums is second nature. Theyll love the drum beats theyll make, and it is natural for humans to want to make patterns. It will be an easy transition from playing it like a toy to actually playing it as an instrument. And for older children, drums definitely have that cool factor that anyone of any age would want to possess.

Of course, just like any other musical instrument, choosing to learn to play the drums has its own pros and cons. As the parent, you know your child best and it is most likely that you would know if the drums would fit your childs personality.

How To Deal With Children And Divorce

If you have children and are going through a divorce, it can be hard on everyone involved. You have to know how to let the children know and how to let them know it’s not because of them. There is more to it and you’ll learn about what to do below.

A child is going to wonder if the divorce has something to do with them when they hear about it. They will sometimes think that they did something wrong and that’s why one parent is deciding to leave them. Let them know that it’s because you don’t want to stay with your partner any longer and that it has nothing to do with them at all. If the other parent will still be in their lives, then you can tell them that they’ll still have parents, they just won’t be living together because they don’t want to any longer.

If you have children and are going through a divorce, do you need a Family Lawyer?

You’re going to want to avoid trash talking who you divorced in front of your children. They already probably feel a connection with your ex that needs to be acknowledged. Instead of saying mean or even nice things about your ex, you need to just avoid talking about them in front of your kids so you don’t confuse them or force them to pick a side to be on. If you talk a lot of trash on your ex then the kids are going to think about which parent they want to protect and they’ll sometimes pick a side which isn’t a good thing to have happen.

You may want to get your children into therapy, especially if this is happening to them at a time where they find it hard to understand what is going on. If you notice that your child is more depressed or has other mental issues like with anxiety, it may be due to the divorce and you’re going to want to work with a therapist that can help them get through the process of the divorce. It can be hard for a child to get through this without any kind of help so be sure you get them help if they need it.

If you’re not the parent that’s going to keep the kids most of the time, make time to see your kids or at least contact them on a regular basis. If you just stop talking to them and go about your life as if you don’t have children any longer, they are going to wonder what they did wrong or what is wrong with them. It’s best to at least give your children a call regularly so you can have a chat with them about how they are doing and what’s going on in their lives.

Children and divorce don’t go well together. You can, however, use what you learned here to make the process go as well as it can. It’s difficult to get through a divorce, especially if you have children, but it is possible for it not to be super messy.

3 Ways To Develop Effective And Powerful Nlp Communication Skills

Interaction between people is a complex thing even at the best of times, misunderstanding and feeling misunderstood is common place. Which definitely doesnt come under the heading of good communication and is certainly not the advanced way NLP can teach us.

There are a great number of factors that contribute to this outcome and here are just a few of them.

Factor number 1: Now this is usually the biggest problem, which is we get mentally triggered to an emotional response.

This can be anything from a positive response all the way out to a massive unwarranted extreme negative response, which can be the case all to often.

The emotional response then causes us to skew the meaning of the experience so as to justify the emotion that has been triggered.

All normal everyday sensible logic gets thrown out of our minds and we then project a negative meaning onto the person actions.

Factor number 2: We tend to on a daily basis to simply communicate in a natural unconscious style of our own, with no awareness as to how the person we are communicating with prefers to receive and process information.

We can be far to vague for them to understand or far to detailed for them to follow. Or perhaps the words we choose to use simply do not connect and resonate for them enough to engage them.

And finally Factor number 3: We spend most of our lives and almost all of our communication assuming we are being understood! We have an expection that weve been understood because it all seems so clear in our own minds?

Everyday communication has all of these 3 factors, people interact in this way all the time!

We could be discussing, politics, our work, our dreams hopes and aspirations, we still do it this way, in-fact the more important the subject, the more we will do it.

Human relations tend to get stressed and strained because we are constantly miss-communicating.

This is not very effective, satisfying or fulfilling and that is why we teach people a better way.

NLP Training is how we do it, the give away is in the name Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Whether you study the practitioner level material or maybe the Master Practitioner level which is significantly more advanced, you are likely to make massive positive changes in your communication.

There are effectively 3 things that you will learn in these trainings that will have a positive impact on your interactions and communication.

1. Learning to control your mental and emotional state!
2. Becoming far more sensory aware!
3. Learning to say it the way that you want it and recognising the message is actually received.

Sounds good! But is it easy?


Learning new behavioural skills can be a bit tricky, though there is a system for making it easy and this is what we teach in both of our available NLP Courses.

New Skill Number 1: Being in totally control of your state. Ask yourself have you ever done something that you have regretted and can now notice the behaviour was driven by an out of control state?

Have you perhaps limited yourself because of fear or anxiety? Maybe you havent done something you wanted to do because you lacked the confidence?

This is mostly because, in that moment you allowed yourself to be consumed by the negative emotional state.

The interesting thing is that now when you look back on it because you are no longer engaged in it the charge will be less or even gone and you will be aware now of so many more positive options.

Controlling your state in this way, not climbing into a negative and limiting space will always serve you better and give you more choices in the moment.

New Skill Number 2: Becoming significantly more Sensory aware. Knowing for certainly what’s real and recognising easily what’s not. We are all guilty of taking literally nothing and creating it into something. Seeing a mole hill and imagining it to be a mountain.

This is the process of effecting our perceptions of reality, we allow ourselves to see only what we believe is already there. And anything else that might conflict with that, we make it literally disappear.

Reality only truly exists in our imaginations!

We feel what we feel and then we must project out into reality all the things that would validate that feeling.

The skill is to STOP! take a moment and think about the situation. And really think about it, what tangible evidence is there to support what you are choosing to believe to be REAL?

And our third and final skill 3.

New Skill Number 3: Which I believe to be one of the very best skills. That is the skill of being in control of your language, choosing your words with volition.

Our words convey meaning, they create pictures in the mind of the listener and a word that seems positive to you could have a completely different meaning for them. The words you use will trigger for the listener an internal representation of reality, their reality not yours.

The Pictures that you language creates could easily have effective and influential positive meaning. Which will stimulate for the listener a nice pleasant experience.

But is your words are carelessly chosen then you can easily and unintentionally force the listener to associate into a negative experience. That will make for a nasty unpleasant experience.

To learn these powerful techniques you would have to learn NLP. Learning the rules that define reality from illusion. Learning the power of controlling the levels of specificity and ambiguity. And of course learning how to be able to only say exactly what you mean every time. become a master of influence and persuasion by study NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Material.

What It’s Like To Study English At York

I’m now halfway through my time in York as an English student, and I have actually been enjoying every minute of it. Here’s some things I want I ‘d understood about the course prior to beginning uni:

You learn that there is a whole wide world of literatures (Yes, with the plural’s’!).

One dazzling feature of the York English Lit structure is that it exposes trainees to English Literature across period and across continents, and allows you to discover authors you have actually never ever become aware of in the past. In your first year, you’ll start off with a module that includes texts from the 15th century all the way to the modern day. In readings, lectures and workshops, discussion of these texts also always involves conversations of the significant historic occasions of that duration, how life resembled because period, and of course, essential philosophical and cultural readings of the text (something which I have actually grown to actually take pleasure in reading).

In another module, York’s English programme exposes us to global literatures, centred around styles such as post-colonialism (the Literature of nations who were ex-British colonies, for instance). Personally, I found that to be an exceptionally enhancing experience that expanded my worldview and prompted me to think of the relationship between Literature and Politics, and to question the function of a literary text.

This may sound a little complicated, however it really isn’t so! You certainly can expect to find studying English at uni to be vastly different from the method we did it at A Levels, and while I did feel quite stressed in the first couple of weeks of term, I eventually discovered my footing and grew to love the volume and pace of work we have at uni. It gives you a substantial sense of achievement when you look back at the end of the term at all the poems, plays and novels you have actually gone through in just 10 weeks!

The wide direct exposure to many different periods of literature makes you discover interests in subjects you never engaged with in the past. For me, post-colonialism was my newly found love.

Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!

Studying English at York is awesome because the course gives you a lot of independence to direct your studies. The English course has fairly few contact hours (a.k.a. time invested in lectures and workshops) as compared to other subjects. The coolest thing about the English course would be that you get to decide what you desire to compose you essay on– there are no set concerns (conserve for the composed exams in summer term)!

Having more versatility with your timetable also means that you can utilise the time to join more societies or even use up a term-time internship, which was precisely what I did! Through the York Careers Website, I requested a term-time internship lasting for 12 weeks in Communications, and spent roughly 12 hours a week at the internship, which corresponds to about three days a week. This helped me gain work experience and employability abilities, as well as some extra income on the side.

We have film screenings.

We watch film adjustments of a few of the texts in our reading lists (side note: I enjoy how these sessions appear on our timetable as legitimate mandatory lectures to participate in)! Who ‘d have thought that studying English at uni likewise includes sitting in a dark lecture theatre and seeing a movie forecasted on to the big screen? Consider it as a Netflix motion picture date … however with an entire bunch of people.

In my very first year, I keep in mind seeing A Midsummer’s Night Dream and caring how the film represented the characters of the play so much that I wrote among my essays on the play! And just last term, seeing Samuel Beckett’s Endgame throughout a film screening made me see the play in a whole various light, triggering me to obtain 3 different books from the library about Beckett and his works.

They’re not going to let you be confused and worried all by yourself.

We’re assigned an individual manager at the start of university, and this manager will be a scholastic from your department– in our case, English– and you ‘d fulfil him/her routinely throughout your 3 years of study to simply talk about how you’re discovering the course and how you’re feeling, if you’re coping well or if you’re having an issue about module options, etc.

Naplan Testing – Is It Worth The Cost?

New research study raises questions about the impacts of the National Assessment Program– Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN) on the health and wellbeing of trainees and on positive teaching and learning techniques. NAPLAN was introduced to improve literacy and numeracy in Australian primary and secondary schools, however the concern needs to be asked: is it worth it?

The suite of tests that comprise NAPLAN, administered in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9, are planned to measure 3 things: first, how specific students are performing; second, the extent to which nationwide literacy and numeracy standards are being attained at each school; and 3rd, how well curricula are operating in Australian schools.

7 years of NAPLAN testing have actually produced combined outcomes.

Our team spent time in five school communities (in Victoria and New South Wales) where we interviewed trainees, parents, teachers and school principals. The report is possibly the most significant to date as it is the very first to study the influence on students.

Exactly what did the research find?

The findings expose that, against its specified goals, NAPLAN is at best a blunt tool.

The results aren’t universally unfavorable. Some instructors discover the outcomes useful, there is proof that in some schools NAPLAN outcomes have actually been a trigger to carry out literacy and numeracy programs, and some moms and dads value the uncomplicated assessment of their children’s achievement levels.

Nevertheless, the research shows that NAPLAN is afflicted by negative effect on student wellness and knowing. Our previous survey of instructors discovered that 90% of instructors reported that trainees felt stressed before taking the test.

This research study of student experiences of NAPLAN draws attention to the need to take trainee wellbeing into account in instructional initiatives. While Australian academic policies do not explicitly state all steps need to remain in the best interests of the kids, they should conform to the ethical practice of “doing no damage”.

The numerous unintentional consequences of NAPLAN originate from the failure to take the interests of all students seriously. The official and inflexible style of NAPLAN is not favorable to finding out and teaching methods that emphasise deep learning.

NAPLAN, which utilizes language and a style of testing that is often foreign to trainees, wanders off from the systems built in class that promote knowing.

Our report discovered that a majority of trainees disliked NAPLAN and were uncertain of its purpose. A bulk reported sensations of stress.

Those who were having a hard time in mathematics and/or literacy were the most nervous about whether they would stop working. Worryingly, schools reported that these students (whom the tests are created to assist) were frequently the ones least likely to sit the tests. A smaller sized proportion reported particular stress-related conditions such as sleeping disorders, hyperventilation, excessive sweating, nail biting, headaches, stomach pains and migraines.

Majority desire NAPLAN scrapped

When asked exactly what message they would like to provide to the Australian federal government about NAPLAN, a bulk of respondents suggested that it should be ditched.

Many likewise made tips about how NAPLAN could be made more pertinent (through the usage of much better examples and more accessible language) and how to lower levels of tension. Those in favour of NAPLAN concentrated on the opportunity it supplies trainees to practice the art of sitting tests.

The comprehensive analysis of trainees’ experiences in five varied Australian communities contained in our report offers the first systematic analysis of the impact of NAPLAN testing on trainees. It enhances the views of numerous parents, school principals and teachers: that NAPLAN has substantial unintended consequences, which have an unfavorable effect on the quality of knowing and trainee wellness.

NAPLAN testing is developed to enhance the quality of education young people receive in Australia, its implementation, misuses and utilizes mean that it weakens quality education and does damage that is not in the best interests of Australian kids.

How To Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

This is mere fact for any parent: having a child is a wondrous thing. Once a child comes into the world, any parent would want to always watch over them. You would want to give them what they need and protect them from things that might hurt. You watch as they grow and learn new things; from crawling to walking, babbling to talking…

After a few years of keeping your child close, the time comes to send them to a Waterford lakes preschool. This is the next step to your child’s development. Being a parent, it is only natural to want your child to excel in this field. To do this, you must equip them with the right skills that will help. Much of your child’s needed skills for education are first developed at home. Most important of these are their critical thinking skills.

Watch the video below to learn more about your best option for day care in Waterford Lakes, FL:

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is considering facts and analyzing them. The goal is to decide what to do or conclude. It helps your child think in an analytical way and to question how things work. It is an important skill that your child needs to be able to solve problems on their own, to become independent. Most subjects in school like math and science center on this too. Critical thinking is also important for your child later on. It is the skill that will help them make big life decisions. This skill is something that you have to build as your child grows.

At what age does critical thinking develop?

At the early age of three or four, your child can already understand concepts and ideas such as the past and future. They would have developed imagination and curiosity. This is the age where their critical thinking skills start to develop. As such, this is also the best time to help them with this process.

Tips on developing critical thinking skills in children

Preschools in Waterford Lakes usually encourage activities that develop critical thinking in children. But you also need to do your part in teaching them. More hours are spent at home at this age, after all. Here are some pointers that could help you out:

Let your child play. Your child, at this age, still has a very short attention span. He needs to be entertained all the time. He has very little interest in sitting down and listening to long talk. The best way to teach them is through playing. Let their curiosity lead them. What happens if I pull this open? What if I throw this ball from the top of this table? Let them test things and find out how they work while observing them.

Do not do everything. Resist the temptation to spoon-feed your child. Let them figure out how to wind their music box or turn the lid to open a plastic jar on their own. This gives them the chance to think, experiment and discover how to do things. Try to wait for some time before stepping in to help.

Allow the “why?” word. This question could be annoying and sometimes you may not even know how to answer, but you should not stop your child from asking “why?” Let them question their surroundings and help them figure out a solution by analyzing it together. When he asks this question, answer them back with the question “why do you think so?” Allow your child to make mistakes along the way, this is also important.

Explore different options. Teach your child that there’s always more than one answer. “How else can we solve this?” Encourage them to think in a creative way. Ask them to find different solutions to problems. Let them explore possibilities to expand their world and decide on the best answer.

Show your child how it’s done. There are times when you also need to do some critical thinking. Make use of these situations to show your child how to do it. Think out loud and explore the possible answers. Let them get involved with your critical thinking process. At this age, you are your child’s role model and there is no one better to learn this skill from than you.

Providing children good education is the duty of all parents. For this, one might think that schooling them well is enough. However, remember that they learn the basics from home. Your child needs tools like critical thinking skills to be ready. This is not only for school but also for the real world ahead.

At A Plus Kids Learning Academy, we provide years of experience with teaching and developing preschoolers in Waterford Lakes, FL. Contact us to learn more.

Improve your Self Esteem

How you see yourself is of great importance. Many people suffer from unhealthy self-esteem and it is affecting every aspect of their lives negatively.

The importance of a healthy self-esteem for the foundation of your existence cannot be underestimated. Your esteem is important because it has an impact on your life and choices. Your self-value is the source of your mental health. Self-esteem is the idea that you have about yourself. It is how valuable and important you think you are. How you respect yourself as a person. Self-esteem is important because:

  1. You believe you are worthy of happiness, you feel worthy of respect.
  2. The first step is believing in you, it builds self-confidence? If you do not respect yourself do you think that others will?
  3. Your self-esteem has a profound effect on your thinking , emotions, happiness, desires, values, and goals.

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So how do you know that you need to do something about your confidence? There are signs to look out for. Some things you may be doing unconsciously.

1. You check your phone while alone in social situations.

You find yourself unable to sit still during social situations with little or no friends. Instead, you find yourself desperately checking your phone to appear more socially connected. Tip: try exercising an affirmation such as “I am loved.”

2. You take constructive criticism too personally.

You tear up in the bathroom after a coworker gives you constructive criticism about your job performance; you wind up yelling at friends when they criticize your choice in a date. Instead of taking criticism objectively, you react emotionally. Tip: try counting to 3 before responding to criticism.

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If you suffer from low self-esteem then you need to do something about it. No one is able to help you more than you can because the power is your hand.

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem:

1. Say stop to your inner critic.

A good place to start with raising your self-esteem is by learning how to handle and to replace the voice of your own inner critic.

2. Use healthier motivation habits.

To make the inner critic less useful for yourself and that voice weaker and at the same time motivate yourself to take action and raise your self-esteem it is certainly helps to have healthy motivation habits.

3. Take a 2 minute self-appreciation break.

This is a very simple and fun habit. And if you spend just two minutes on it every day for a month then it can make huge difference.

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Tips To Attract Scorpio Men Into Your Life

The zodiac sign Scorpio is one that is represented by a scorpion. It is one that is related to people born from October 23, all the way through to 21 November. It is a very unique sign that has characteristics that are seemingly representative of the symbol itself. It’s elements is water, it’s color is red, and it is most compatible with those that have the signs of Cancer and Pisces. They have many personal strengths include being brave and passionate. They can be stubborn but also a true friend. Their weaknesses include a susceptibility to becoming jealous, violent, and even distressful. They can also keep secrets which can be frustrating to people in their life. The things that motivate a Scorpio to like someone include truth and people that have a passion for anything. What a Scorpio dislikes is a person that is dishonest, as well as people that are passive and do not care really about moving forward with their life.

How To Reel In Scorpio Men

The best way to attract a Scorpio man into your life is to consider what they are looking for any woman. They are people that enjoy talking about information, being truthful, and people that are definitive in whatever they are passionate about. If you are a Cancer or if you were born under the sign of Pisces, you are going to be very compatible with this individual if you are looking for someone that will be a lifelong partner, it is definitely important to find someone that is a Taurus that can complement all of your positive traits and provide you with what you are looking for in a man that will be either a lover or someone that you would marry.

Regardless of what your sign is, now that you know that Scorpios are passionate and assertive people, you might want to reflect some of those attributes that are within your own personality. It is also possible that you may have a personality that is more passive which is going to work out very well with a Scorpio who likes to be the one that is leading. It’s also a good idea to not hide your emotions, something that a Scorpio would be resentful of. As long as you are honest, and you are willing to work with this person as a team, you will likely find and attract these people into your life that have these amazing qualities.

An Overview Of Career Horoscope Benefits

Horoscopes can be a very valuable tool for helping people understand what they need to do with their lives. People check their horoscope every day, and do it for many years, living by what they read. Or scopes are actually based upon a pseudoscience. This is a type of science that has existed for millennia. The belief that the planets, stars, moon, sun, and the year that you are born all create some type of vibrational frequency that will lead you to a particular type of destiny. This destiny has integral components, minor ones that can be predicted as you go along. In regard to your career, you could actually benefit from trying to figure out what it is you are supposed to do with your life at the career level by using a horoscope.

How Does A Horoscope Work?

A horoscope is going to do a couple different things for you once you understand what needs to be done. You need to know your birthdate, which will correlate with a particular zodiac sign, which will let you know what needs to happen in your life as you go along. Most people will simply check the local paper or online for the horoscope of the day, but you can take this a lot further. You can actually go to a professional who can do your natal chart which can help you plan for what needs to be done next.

Why Does This Actually Work?

Career related horoscope pointers are going to work for a couple of different reasons. First of all, millions of people have used this in their lives for centuries and it seems to have some validity. At the very least, it’s going to give you a general idea of your personality trait, the things that you might be interested in, giving you a general guideline as to what needs to be done next. Additionally, you can look at the path that you are on, trying to determine what it is that needs to be done not only tomorrow, but over the next few weeks or months. A natal chart will help you plan this, and that’s why visiting someone that does astrology for a living might be a great choice to make.

The career that you are on right now might not be the one that you are supposed to be on. That’s how a horoscope can help you. You can see if all of the problems that you are having, or your discontent with your current job, actually means that you should be doing something else. As long as you have a general guideline to follow which is provided by or scopes, you should have no problem at all finding a new path that will make you much more happy. We only get one chance in life, and that’s why it is so important to consider every option that you have been a horoscope might be exactly what you need to help you go in the right direction.

How Can You Make Daycare Pick Up Easy

What is the better option Day Care or a Nanny?

Even though a nanny has its pros, a child care in Colorado Springs significantly outweighs those pros. With busy parents nothing can be more frustrating than having a nanny quit suddenly on the worst time possible, which is why having a dependable yet affordable daycare is a better alternative.

Check out this video for the benefits of a Colorado Springs child care center:

Depending on the Colorado Springs child care center that you pick, they may accept children that are as young as several weeks old. There are some centers that also accept children who are in the kindergarten age range.

Another reason why you should consider day care centers in Colorado Springs is they follow strict state regulations for them to be able to operate their center, they also have employees who are trained and have the necessary skills to give your child the care and attention they need.

What Should You Look For in a Daycare Facility?

Once you make the decision to go with a child care in Colorado Springs, make sure you do your research and find the best ones that have good reviews online and parents around the area. Additionally, look at their attendee-to-child ratio; you want a facility where the ratios are low as this means more care and supervision for your child.

Always keep in mind that daycare centers should never be decided on whether they have the latest toys and gadgets. Set your eyes on the care being provided and other services therein. Caregiver interaction, group size, equipment, and the like are what you should be prioritizing.

How Can You Make the End of Child Care Easier

After you complete errands for the day, you have to pick up your child. Here are ways how you can make this easier.

The biggest challenge you’ll be dealing with when picking up your child in a Colorado Springs infant day care center is they might not be ready to go home just yet, and when they’re having fun with their friends that’s something you can’t easily change.

Picking up your child after a day’s work will need some preparation if you want to make this process easier, here are some tips how you can do that.

Prepare a snack they can eat.

When you have their favorite snack ready they will be more than happy to go with you and make the drive home a lot easier.

Check on their daycare provider to see how your child’s day went.

Connect with the attendees and your child by asking about how the day went. You can use this information to engage with your child on the way home.

Prepare your child’s things beforehand.

Especially if your child is quite young, do prepare his or her things beforehand. Make sure that by the time you call for your child, the bag is ready to be chucked into your vehicle.

Do not rush the pick-up process.

Scheduling the pick-up time and making sure you have enough time can help you avoid the stress of rushing. If you give yourself enough time you can relax and not worry about it anymore.

Give your child something to look forward to at home.

Giving them a reason to get home as soon as possible will go a long way, it can even be as simple as seeing daddy or doing an activity together.

Give them have a few minutes.

Give your child time to say goodbye to his or her friends. Just like you, your child will appreciate even a couple minutes of preparation time. This will make the transition from daycare to car to home a whole lot easier on your part.

Hopefully with these tips, your next pickup at the child care in Colorado Springs of your child will go smoother than before. Good luck.

Personality Profile For The Rooster In The Chinese Zodiac

The Rooster is one of 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac, which rotates every year. Those born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2005 are Roosters. 2017 will be another Chinese Rooster lunar new year.

Those born in the year of the Rooster are self-assured, full of confidence and unwavering, just like the character of the animal. This is where the term “cocksure” comes from! While cocksure is often used as an insult, Roosters can use their self-confidence for great achievement as well. Roosters can become strong leaders and achieve well because they have a fundamental belief in themselves.

Roosters also generally extremely honest. They are not afraid to tell it like it is, and are not the type to sugar coat unpalatable or unwelcome truths. One never needs to wonder if a Rooster is withholding or secretive about something; it is simply not in their nature. A Rooster is emotional and talks problems out when they happen.

Roosters are very motivated, and they can channel this motivation into others as well, which is part of why they make excellent leaders. Because of their unshakable confidence, Roosters will decide on a path and go for it where many other signs would be indecisive or unsure. With a Rooster heading a project, there will be no problem getting it started, but it may be difficult to get them to adjust a plan to deal with new challenges.

Roosters are very social and charming in a straightforward way. Imagine an old school Hollywood star at a big high-class party, and you are probably imagining a Rooster personality. Outgoing and gregarious, Roosters have no trouble inserting themselves into a social situation and becoming the centre of attention. Their self-confidence allows them to break the ice easily with stories about themselves, where other signs may be concerned that they don’t have anything interesting to say.

Roosters are also overachievers. They are obsessed with living up to their talk and giving themselves things to back up their confidence. A Rooster will pour their life into a project that they care about, and usually, have lists of accomplishments to brag about.

All in all, Roosters are outgoing, confident, and sometimes a little abrasive if they don’t keep their personality in check. At their best, Roosters are charming, motivated, and highly accomplished people who are always going someplace in life.

History And Traditions Of A Quinceanera Party

Traditionally in Mexico, when a young girl turns fifteen, the party thrown is called a Quinceanera party. It is also the same term used to refer to the girl who is turning fifteen, she is the Quinceanera. It combines the two Spanish word quince, which means fifteen and anos which means years.

Even though the custom of celebrating the transition a female child makes into womanhood is one that was likely practiced in ancient times, the customs that are particularly associated with the Quinceanera party are probably dated back to the years 1876-1811, when Porfirio Diaz was president. He was well known for being captivated by anything and everything that was European, there are actually many European customs that Mexico adopted when he was president and known as el Porfiriato.

Based on Quinceanera traditions, a Quinceanera party, will usually begin at church with a mass that is called masa de Accion de Gracias, translated that is Thanksgiving Mass, at this moment the birthday girl is given thanks for making the transition from child to young woman. The attire for the birthday girl is a full-length ball gown, the color is hers to choose and she carried a bouquet to match it.

After mass is completed, the guests all head to a lavish banquet hall where a party will be held, there are times in which this is done in a tent area with rural tables and chairs from the community, the point is that the festivities are accommodated. Everywhere you will find balloons, flowers and decorations that match the birthday girls dress. There will be food, drink, music and dancing during the party, there are however also a few very special traditions that are part of the party, these however will vary from region to region.

Here are a few of the traditional elements that are found at a Quinceanera party:


Translated this would be chamberlains, these boys or young men are in charge of escorting the Quinceanera and perform a dance with her that has been choreographed, Although referred to as a waltz, the dance usually incorporates other styles of dance.

El Primer Ramo De Flores

Translated it means the first bouquet of flowers, this is something that the quinceanera is offered, these symbolize the first flowers she receives as a young woman.

La Ultima Muneca

During the festivities, the Quinceanera is presented with a doll, this is symbolic as the last doll she will ever receive. Now that she has turned fifteen, she is no longer a child and will no longer play with dolls. Part of the ritual consists of her then passing the doll on to a younger sister o other family member.

Fifteen Pinatas

To symbolize each year of her life that has passed, the Quinceanera breaks fifteen small pinatas.

The highlight of the party is when the lavish and birthday cake that is multi-tiered is cut and family as well as guests join together to sing the birthday song that is traditionally sung; Las Mananitas to the Quinceanera.

This is a celebration that is huge in Mexico, it is one that can be quite expensive for the family. This is why it is customary for extended family as well as close family friends to contribute with either money or the things needed to make this party a dream come true for the Quinceanera.

All About Celtic Zodiac Animals

The Iron Age Celtic tribes of Europe were, even at their zenith, a mysterious people even to their closest neighbors. Though their bards knew many centuries of oral traditions and their priests and mystics had charted the movement of the stars and seasons, they never committed most of their knowledge to writing. Most of what we know about these fascinating peoples comes from the accounts of Roman and later Christian authors who detailed the lifestyles, practices and beliefs of these peoples, albeit through a very biased set of lenses that none the less paint a fascinating portrait of a society well aware of the world around them.

Among other elements of the world in which the Celts lived, their sages and seers noted the movements of the stars in the sky. Though a truly complete picture of Celtic astrology is likely lost forever, enough of their ancient wisdom was recorded to create an interesting system of astrological correspondences rivaling those of other societies. Through observing the skies above and the planets and stars therein, the ancient Celts found a number of traits on Earth being reflected by the stars. These traits were eventually codified into the Celtic zodiac, a system based on the observations of thirteen separate constellations that these ancient peoples knew very well.

Like many other civilizations that emerged around the same time, such as the Babylonians and Chinese, the Celts saw the images of animals they knew on Earth reflected in the stars above them. Ancient Celtic seers noted thirteen major constellations in total, each of them reflecting a different animal that the Celts of early Europe knew in great detail. Some of these animals, such as the hawk and the stag, were drawn from daily observations of natural animals in their environment. Others come from a more mythological perspective, such as those of the sea serpent and the unicorn. A few involved uniquely Celtic archetypes, particular the separate constellations of the black horse and the white horse.

Based on their observations of these creatures, the Celts conceived of a wide range of astrological traits that were reflected from the constellations on to Earth. Each trait associated with these animals in Celtic folklore is found in a wide range of ordinary human beings, from the powerful personalities and protective natures of the green dragon to the affectionate, domestic attitudes of the seahorse. Though the full depths of these systems is apparently lost forever, their legacy endures.

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