This plan can protect the individuals from the issues related to making decisions that are difficult in this emotional time The family of the individual is not dumped with the financial burden of having to pay for and organize the funeral The individual can ensure that their final wishes are executed once they die Pre-Paid funerals are regarded as good financial-sense, as one is able to choose the funeral they want and the price is related to todays costs Pre-paying for a funeral enables the individual to increase their pension entitlement

What Do Pre-Paid Funerals Include?

The contract for Pre-Paid funerals allows individuals the chance to reflect on their final wishes and can include what the person wants. However, below are a few aspects to consider:

The style and the type of the funeral service

Viewing arrangements and how the body will be prepared

Cremation or burial

The chosen crematorium or cemetery

The casket or coffin type

A Celebrant or a Minister

The memorial cards or books

The flowers, mourning vehicles and death notices

Features that the individual would like to include such as music or a poem

Who Will Keep The Money For A Pre-Paid Funeral?

The money put into a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan will be secured an held by independent entities like a trustee company or friendly society and will be safeguarded as well as properly invested until the funds are required. The payments for a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan can be settled in one lump sum or the individual may organize with their Funeral Director to pay the amount off in installments.

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