How many weddings have you been to? Have you noticed how the greatest buildup happens before the bride sets foot on the aisle shes about to walk on? For most brides, the wedding doesnt start with the preparations, or pictures being taken, or family and friends arriving at the venue. For these ladies, the wedding starts when they step on the red carpet. And having the right music at this time is essential. So here are some ways to help you get it right.

Selecting the right music for weddings is not an easy feat. Without the proper tunes, itll be quite difficult for someone to make the moment just perfect. Imagine walking down the aisle to the Copacabana – now thats cringe-worthy indeed! To choose the perfect music, keep in mind that your goal is to set the mood.

Even if a wedding is already romantic and emotional, theres always the opportunity to up the feelings even more. So set the mood not only for your walk down the aisle, but also consider doing the same for other important parts of your big day, such as during the first dance. When you choose weddings songs, do it for you and your grooms satisfaction. Choose songs that matter to you, not tunes that you think your guests will like.

You also have the power to be non-traditional when it comes to the music for your wedding. Usually, weddings come with a pianist or organist, but you can forego this if you want. You can hire a choir, a string quartet, your favorite singer or band, or even work with a DJ if thats what you prefer. Again, make a decision based on what you and your future husband like.

But as you choose the music, make sure that its comfortable for your guests ears. Apart from the melody, be mindful of the volume. Its a wedding, not a heavy metal or rock concert. You want something that has a calming effect. And last, but certainly not the least, dont make any impulsive decisions here. Dont go for tunes that youve just heard on the radio a while ago, and claim to have fallen in love with.

Spend some time creating your playlist. Apart from listing down your favorite songs, play them, too, to see if they work well with one another. If you feel the need to get help from a professional, such as a DJ, then do so. You’ll want to have music that flows well. This will enhance the atmosphere, and make your wedding even more memorable and meaningful.