For the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is not evil but loving it is for many have stabbed themselves allover in pursuit of it. There are family members who have loved money so much to the point of killing their parents so that they could be rich.

gangster-231472The truth was far less exotic—but no less distressing. In April 2004, law enforcement arrested a 19-year-old high school student named Susana Toledano after DNA tests determined Rick Wamsley held a clump of her hair in his lifeless hand. Once they had Toledano, the cops nabbed her best friend Chelsea Richardson, 20, and Richardson’s boyfriend, Andrew Wamsley, 19—Rick and Suzy’s youngest child. Also arrested was 24-year-old Hilario Cardenas, who was the night manager of a nearby IHOP that served as an after-hours hangout for the group.

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Two teenagers hired hit men to kill their parents for them. The most scary part is that one of the teens knew where to get the hit men.

An adopted teenager was facing life imprisonment last night after he allegedly hired two hit men to kill his parents so he could inherit their money.

Jacob Jett, 18, and a friend, 17-year-old Joseph Garcia, allegedly plotted to have Jett’s parents murdered. Their shocking plan was blown apart when one of the hit men was arrested on another matter, however, and shopped them to the police in Independence, Missouri.

Jackson County prosecutor Jim Kanatzar said Jett wanted his parents killed because he thought they were too strict and because he wanted to inherit their money.

Jett allegedly gave cash and three guns to two would-be hit men to kill his parents, Richard Parnell, 53, and Robyn Parnell, 48.

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Some children meditate the murder and when plan A fails they shoot. Greed makes children turn against their parents or could it be greed and laziness since they do not want to work hard just like their parents did.

Stephen Seddon,46, was ” hailed a hero ” after being portrayed as the man who had rescued his mother and father from the wreckage of a car sinking into the canal.

But the crash was fake and an attempt by Seddon to kill dad Robert,68, and mum Patricia,65, in order to get his hands of his £230,000 inheritance, Manchester Crown Court was told.

The jury was told that in July last year Seddon shot both his parents dead at their “suburban semi detached home ” and then tried to make it look like a murder-suicide plot.

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