Being sad is unlike any other feeling because it seems as if the mind and spirit are trapped in a pool of syrupy emotions, for a lack of better words. Sadness can often become so heavy that pinpointing the source of it can bring on floods of tears because of all the sad things that I have to think about in order to determine what the cause is. Thankfully, my bouts with sadness eventually led me to seek spiritual truths that have opened my eyes.

Becoming aware of the importance of connecting well-being and spiritual health has helped bring rays of sunshine in what has seemed to be my darkest times in life. The anxiety and confusion resulting from overwhelming emotional pains and hurts no longer make my life seem so meaningless and boring. My new understanding of maintaining a peaceful life is that my overall fitness must include mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Each one has a very serious effect on the other ones.

One of the most important spiritual truths that I have been blessed with learning early in my quest is that each and every individual has their own spiritual walk. Every person has their own understandings, actions and reactions to all that they may experience in life. It can never be said that life is a “one size fits all” experience for everyone. The universe is simply way too huge and the world is simply way too diverse for such a statement to be true. On my path of spiritual seeking I wanted to know what was real Astrology was one avenue that I pursued that helped shed light on my journey.

I am truly amazed at the physical effects resulting from embracing and practicing a healthier spiritual lifestyle. As an example, neck pain and headaches that would accompany the knotted stomach during days of worry and senseless negative self talk has gone away. My worries about unexpected future situations and fears of sudden daily life changes no longer have the powerful punch and stabbing effect it once had on me.

Also among the spiritual truths that I have become aware of is that being comfortable in spirit does not necessarily mean all of my hurts and pain will instantly go away. The reality is that I am becoming much more able to cope with my physical illnesses and keep my sadness in check. Faith and hope have become my anchors as I continuously nourish my spirit by becoming part of the bigger spiritual picture that surrounds me every day.