By implementing creative visualization, you will filter out all of the negative thoughts that tend to hold people back. You’ll be using your thoughts and imagination in a positive light, focusing only on what you want for yourself in the present and in the future. This is all encompassing, allowing you to improve your “luck” in important areas such as your career, how much success and money you have, and even your love life. You’ll soon find that luck doesn’t even play a part. You have the power to improve everything about yourself in your own mind!

You can go pretty far down the rabbit hole with some very deep and almost mystical reasoning behind why something like creative visualization actually works. It is like a lot of metaphyscal disciplines, it isn’t understood why it works but it does. Astrology is a good example, one can’t explain why it resonates so strongly and reflects a persons reality, but a good astrologer can tell events in the future.

In pure practical terms however, it just makes sense. If your energy and thoughts are focused on how you want things to be, how wonderful that makes you feel, and the positive notion that you can absolutely achieve everything you want – and most importantly, that you deserve it – you’ll be far more likely to accomplish all of it than if you adopt a defeatist attitude and mindset.

You need only look at the people in your own life to see the power of creative visualization in practice, as well as what happens when people lack the means to implement it. You ultimately have proactive optimists that know what they want and have a good time reaping the benefits of achieving their goals versus pessimists that focus so much on what makes them unhappy that they become too overwhelmed to ever turn things around. It should be clear which camp most of us need to lean towards.

Even so, it’s still easy to focus more on the negative aspects of life and start merely accepting whatever you’re unhappy about. Just realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. It isn’t too late for you! All it takes is a concerted effort to clear your mind of any self defeating attitudes and recognizing how wonderful it feels to imagine yourself in situations where you actually have what you want. If you can live in that general head space and believe that accomplishing your goals really are possible and are even as good as guaranteed, you’ll be so much more likely to stay dedicated to making everything happen for yourself.